Creativeness, a new legitimacy for marquetry

First, some history:

Towards the end of the 80’s, a group of craftsmen and artists among which you could find marquetarians, creators and visual artists who could neither fit in the public cultural policy nor in the ‘official art’ standard, decided to go and meet the public and organized an emblematic event. And this is how the ‘Rencontres Internationales de la Marqueterie’ or RIM (International Marquetry Meetings) started and brought a new and positive impulse to that ancient and talented art.

Encouraged by Georges VRIZ in France, dozen of artists coming from Germany, Hungary, Poland, USA and Canada gave marquetry a full artistic trend instead of maintaining this art to solely technical skills.

Coupled with exhibition and conferences, the RIM showed a real creative, innovative and historical revival after the Golden Age of Marquetry of the XVI, XVII and XIX centuries.

In 1989, Georges VRIZ has introduced the exhibition catalogue with the following words:

“This exhibition, first of its kind and uniting 45 exhibitors coming from 7 nations, demonstrates that in an era where industrialization has standardized and trivialized everyday life, the need for artists and authentic marquetarians is still strong and this art is enjoying a renaissance.”

The first RIM exhibitions were very successful: Numerous creators adhered to the new concept and the public were enthusiastic and supportive.

Yet, further to a change in the initial organizing team, the lack of creative innovation and passion led to traditional conventionality once again. Worst of all, confusion set in with the presence of pieces of artwork created by recognized artists or marquetarians on one hand and leisure handiworks on the other hand.

Slowly but steadily, participation of foreign or even French creators and artists decreased. The public abandoned his support and the original RIM concept was completely degraded. Once again, marquetry was confined to the conventional ‘bunch of flower’.

Do we have to accept the idea of traditional marquetry as the reference and forget all the faithful partners that joined and actively supported the RIM when it was launched?

Of course not, and a quick search in the web proves it well: you can easily find a vast collection and variety of talents all over the world, ranging from classical to modern marquetry. Along with the presence of recognized know-how, a new artistic trend uses marquetry as a means of expression favoring all forms of creation rather than pure technique.

The original vision and goals of the RIM is more than ever accurate and authentic: the art of marquetry needs creation to exist.

And this is the stakes and goal of the GEMAC Society: to give back legitimacy to marquetry and all forms of art expression. For our Society, “open-mindedness” is our adage and we are convinced and dedicated to bring back Marquetry to the foreground (where it belongs). And this is possible of course with the help of extraordinary creators and artists who keep exploring new techniques and materials making marquetry evolve everyday.

All creators will be asked to bring their artwork to our exhibitions and to participate to seminars or take part in conferences in order to present their skills and share their points of view.

The GEMAC Society will set up a website which will be the showroom of our activities and the information point for all our actions. Communication programs will put in place to inform our audience - supporters, creators, public and private companies, media -.

Partnership or sponsorship will be sought in order to help with our plan of actions. Art professionals and collectors will be contacted and invited during all GEMAC events.

The first exhibition “Matières et Sens” is planned in November 2012, from 16th to 25th.